Monday, 10 October 2011

Hello Blogging World

Hi There,

This is my first toe dipping session into what is (just now anyway) the daunting world of food blogging.  I've been a home baker for years and years and in recent years I've been an avid follower of so many excellent food (especially baking) blogs.  I really don't think that I have recipes that are better than anyone else's or that I have any life stories more interesting than anyone else's (not even any skeletons lurking back there that I can share with you!).  It's simple really, I love to bake and I love to talk about what I've baked.

I'm constantly flicking through recipe books and magazines (Lord knows, I own enough of them!), thinking up new ways of baking something better by adding another key ingredient or thinking up my own recipes from flavours that I love.  I love when something I've baked evokes a memory in me and I find it so unbelievably satisfying that ingredients so simple as eggs, flour, butter and sugar could be turned into something so delicious with such minimal effort.  It's even more satisfying when I'm the one who has made the finished product so delicious.  Not everything I bake turns out perfectly and I've had more than my fair share of disasters, but that's part of the process and you'll hear about those occasions too!

My blog is currently a work in progress.  It's something that has been in my head for about the last year, but there's always been too much going on to actually do anything about it.  I've just started maternity leave from work (baby due in 10 days).  For the past few months I've been practising recipes over and over again and my wonderful husband has been great in working on the technology side of things for me.  So here I am, ready to give it a go.  You might like some of the recipes and not others, but I guess variety is what it's all about and I'll do my best not to take criticism to heart!  Nothing!!


  1. Just found you through the IFBA.
    Welcome to Blogtopia - hope you enjoy your time off.
    I have four (Ages 6 to 10) and they keep me on my toes too!

  2. Thanks Mona. Am loving this whole new blogging world. Now that I've had the baby, hopefully I'll be able to get into a blogging routine over the next while. Just found your blog, am sitting down with mug of tea to have a proper look! Claire